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05 May 2016
Investment in non-residential building construction declined for the fifth consecutive quarter, down 1.6% from the previous quarter to $12.5 billion in the first quarter. Nationally, the decrease was a result of lower spending in all three components, with commercial buildings accounting for most of the decline. Non-residential building construction spending was down in eight provinces, with Alberta posting the largest decline and Quebec a distant second.
02 May 2016
Overvaluation is detected in nine Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) and overbuilding in seven, according to the latest Housing Market Assessment(HMA) released today by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Nationally, CMHC detects moderate evidence of overvaluation. The HMA serves as an early warning system, alerting Canadians to areas of concern developing in our housing markets so that they may take action in a way that promotes market stability.
29 April 2016
The Syndicate claims $7901.41 from one of the co-owners of the building. The syndicate asks that the co-owner should be ordered to repay that amount to it, amount which represents the fees and extrajudicial costs of its lawyers. The syndicate has incurred these expenditures in its efforts to recover the regular condo expenses and a special contribution unpaid by the co-owner. The syndicate has issued a legal mortgage against the fraction of the co-owner and has served a notice of exercise of its right. For his part, the co-owner defended himself, and said that he owed nothing to the syndicate because of Section 2762, paragraph 2, of the Civil Code of Québec.
22 April 2016
“Although, when leaving the premises, the tenant has the obligation to empty the housing of all its effects, sometimes this is not the case.” This quote from the Régie du logement director, Me Francine Jodoin, describes such a, quite so common, situation experienced by many owners on July the 1st, causing them many headaches. Here are thus some tips to prevent this yet simple situation from becoming a nightmare. First, it should not be assumed a priori that the belongings left behind are waste. It would be wrong to think that. The decision to throw them out at this time could be costly for the owner.
20 April 2016
Municipalities issued building permits worth $7.4 billion in February, up 15.5% from January. This growth followed a 9.5% decline the previous month and was largely the result of higher construction intentions for commercial buildings in Alberta, single-family dwellings in Ontario and institutional structures in Quebec.

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15 April 2016
The parties are bound by a lease from 1 September 2015 to 31 August 2016, at a monthly rent of $259. This is a subsidized housing and adapted for the disabled. The tenant suffers from cerebral palsy since her birth and moves around using two wheelchairs, a manual one for inside and another, motorized one, for outside. Shortly after taking possession, the housing of the tenant is infested with bed bugs. It is accepted that on 25 June 2015 the problem was eliminated.
12 April 2016
When renting a dwelling it is important to respect the necessary steps to be taken in order to qualify our future tenant and ensure that the signing of a lease does not turn into a nightmare. The obligations of a rental housing owner are many: payment of expenses related to the building, maintenance of the building, ensuring the peaceful enjoyment of the premises for all the occupants of the dwelling, and many others.
08 April 2016
A recent judgment displays a situation where an owner had to request an access order to make visits for the re-renting of a housing. A few months later, i.e. after the end of the lease, and without having had a hearing yet, the owner asked damages with interest, additionally.
18 March 2016

The Association of Québec Landlords (APQ) notes with regret that the rental property owners are, once again, the big forgotten ones of Mr. Leitao’s budget.

“After LogiRenov, it is now Renovert that is offered to homeowners. But make no mistake! Not to all owners! If you have a dwelling and you want to renovate to improve the housing conditions, you will receive nothing!” says Martin Messier, President of the APQ.

Also, 1200 supplementary new rental units will be granted in 2016-2017 at a cost of $5 million.

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