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21 August 2014
Step 6: Prepare documents for service call. - Allow 2 to 4 weeks to receive all offers; - Identify opportunities to visit the future site (with whom and when); - Provide a contact person to answer questions and who will be able to take appointments.
20 August 2014
Step 1: Define your needs. What do you want? What are your expectations? What is the expected end-result? Submissions can be catalogued into 3 main themes.
19 August 2014
The Province of Manitoba has just adopted new guidelines for housing. One of them relates to the security deposit and animals. Manitoba allowed the owner of rental units to require a deposit not exceeding half of the first month’s rent. The security deposit is retained by the owner until the end of the lease. From the 1st of January 2015 onward owners may also require a higher deposit for new tenants who have a pet. This measure aims to encourage more owners to accept animals in their rental property.
15 August 2014
In a judgement of the Superior Court of Québec1, the Court ordered a co-owner to stop cluttering his patio, garden and parking space with personal property, as well as decrease the amount of furniture items inside his dwelling unit, as this violates the declaration of co-ownership and municipal regulations.
14 August 2014
In July, in the Limoilou borough of Quebec City, neighborhood residents were concerned by the announcement of a python that had disappeared. The tenant who had launched a search warrant on Facebook found the animal in his bag.

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27 June 2014

Montreal, Friday, June 27, 2014 --- The moving period is a very stressful time for property owners. As we approach the 1st of July many property owners are worried and there is one question on their lips: In what state will I find my dwelling?

Some tenants are very good tenants and will even fill the holes in the walls but many tenants do not mind leaving the housing in a mess or untidy. “The owner will have to take care of it anyway.”

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26 June 2014
The Quebec Landlords Association (APQ) launches a contest for the moving period. Owners, participate in large numbers in the contest: “Photo Contest about moving in Quebec: How is your housing after the departure of the tenant?” Win an Ipad (approximate value of $500.00). To participate, post a photo on the contest page at http://www.apq.org/concours-photo.aspx Very easy! The one that gets the most votes wins! You can show your photos from June 26 at noon till July 6 at 23h59. People may vote from June 26 at noon till July 6 at 23h59. Contest rules can be found on the website of the APQ at http://www.apq.org/reglement-concours-photo.aspx Good luck!
25 June 2014

Montreal, June 25, 2014 --- The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ), in partnership with the Coalition of Owners of Rental Housing (RPHL), calls into question the answer that all governments use for not offering to rental housing owners a new law that would rebalance the rights of owners facing tenants.

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20 June 2014
If I give a discount to my tenant, but if the price shown in the lease is higher, what is the amount that will be considered by the Régie du logement?