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02 February 2016
We spend a part of our lives to build a patrimony, so why not make sure to pass it on well and keep it in good condition? A first investment, married life, a home, a joint investment, a baby, a wedding, a separation or a divorce, all these events change your situation and bring their own set of protections to contemplate. Everything happens very quickly with all the accidents of life that one has to face and sometimes we fail to take the necessary precautions and use the tools that are available to us to be well protected and informed, whether by lack of time or money. Yet our choices and our actions have legal implications that we tend to forget and we never remember it enough.
28 January 2016

The Association of Quebec Landlords welcomes Mr Martin Coiteux in the world of rental law.

The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) hopes that Mr Coiteux will undertake genuine reforms that will facilitate access to the Rental Board, decrease the waiting time and especially protect rental housing owners.

Let us remind that Mr Pierre Moreau, former minister of municipal affairs, has, as head of the Rental Board, appointed four special clerks to hear requests for recovery of rent and lease termination that are not challenged by the tenants in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

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28 January 2016
In case of refusal of the lease modifications you propose to a tenant, it is up to the landlord to, within one month of the refusal, request the Court of the Régie du logement to decide on the requested modification.When it concerns the amount of the rent, the setting of the rent is based on a calculation under the Regulation Respecting the Criteria for the Fixing of the Rent. Regarding the modifications, however, no criteria exist for establishing what is allowed. Therefore, each case is a case to be assessed according to the circumstances by the judge. A recent judgment has come to remind us of this principle (1). In this situation, the landlord demanded modification of a land lease for hosting a mobile home, in order to remove from the rental, a part of additional land that had been leased to store a trailer.
26 January 2016
According to jurisprudence, it is on the shoulders of the landlord that lays the burden of proving that the notices of renewal of a lease have been given to the tenant and, if applicable, are binding on the latter. In the case of Bon Apparte v. Rivera i, the Quebec Court recognized that paragraph 3 of section 7 of the Regulations on the procedure before the Régie du logement is mainly applied to applications and requests made before the Régie
25 January 2016

The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) can only be offended by the lack of courage of various governments which for the last 35 years have obstinately refused to reform the method of calculation of the Régie du logement.

This year more than at any other time, the tenants’ perception facing rent increases will be distorted.

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16 July 2015
The Bank of Canada today announced that it is lowering its target for the overnight rate by one-quarter of one percentage point to 1/2 per cent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 3/4 per cent and the deposit rate is 1/4 per cent. Total CPI inflation in Canada has been around 1 per cent in recent months, reflecting year-over-year price declines for consumer energy products.
25 June 2015

The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) reminds you that the tenant who has notified his departure must move out on the last day of his lease, i.e. on June 30th for all leases ending on the 30th of June.

“There are only a few days left for rental property owners before the big moving day. One last tip: go see your tenants, if it is not already done, and ask them about the time of their moving to their new place. You can be sure that your tenants prepare their moving well,” says the APQ.

One of the worst situations that can happen on the 1st of July, or at any end date of the lease, is that the tenant decides to stay in the dwelling. Your former tenant, “theoretically”, does not want to leave anymore and your new tenant is at the front door. If you are unable to make him understand reason, you will need to open a file at the Régie du logement for “Eviction of an occupant without right.” This request is given priority.

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19 June 2015
The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) questions the willingness of the government to not reform the rental law which is 30 years old now. Tenants associations disseminate press releases on housing of which the tenants take possession and that are dirty. But who has made the housing dirty, or even rendered it unsanitary? The same tenants whom the associations defend.
18 June 2015
Since 1 January 2015, the Civil Procedure Code has been amended to increase from $7,000.00 to $15,000.00 the amount of eligible receivables to the Small Claims section. You should also know that when a request is made under the Small Claims Division, the parties have no right to counsel under Section 959 of the Civil Procedure Code.