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30 March 2017
In searching the ideal candidate to become a tenant in your dwelling several elements will be relevant. When writing your advertisement you should already visualize the tenant who is reading it. Obviously, you need to market your dwelling efficiently, but, unlike a sale of a product, we must live with our tenant and the risks that this includes. This brings us into a strange situation where we want to screen tenants who are likely to harm our business.
28 March 2017
Whether you need home or auto insurance, The Personal is your connection to an exceptional customer experience. Your Connection to savings, flexible options, plus a time-tested commitment to your satisfaction.
22 March 2017

(In French) Martin Messier, Président de l'APQ, vous interpellera sur les changements du nouveau formulaire de bail obligatoire : clause de solidarité, détecteur incendie, avis de fin de bail. Il sera aussi question de l'interdiction de fumer dans les logements, la clause des animaux, la location de chauffe-eaux,...

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17 March 2017
It is obvious that the occurrence of damage affecting our dwelling is an inconvenience and an important source of unpleasantness for its owner. Luckily, the majority of owners of rental dwellings do not have to deal with such situations regularly. In divided co-ownership, the syndicate of co-owners, members of the board of directors and sometimes its property manager are called upon to react to accidents in order to ensure the restoration of the parts of the building affected by the damage done, in the privative as well as the common portions.
14 March 2017
Notre conférencier vous expliquera comment être bien protégé avec vos assurances, les clauses et les protections à connaitre et à souscrire.

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09 March 2017
The value of building permits issued by Canadian municipalities rose 5.4% to $7.6 billion in January, following two consecutive monthly decreases. Six provinces posted increases, led by Alberta and British Columbia. Nationally, construction intentions rose in every component, particularly institutional buildings.