The number one real estate newspaper

The APQ publishes a monthly newspaper, called Le Propriétaire, which provides relevant information to owners, in addition to offering, on a regular basis, rebates with partners on products and services.

Wether it be forour legal articles or our revendications, the Le Propriétaire newspaper is the reference in real-estate.


Edition: July 2017

In this edition, we are talking about the cold blood that we must all have, despite the temptation of social media.

Edition: June 2017

In this edition, Annie Lapointe explains to you how to minimize the damage in the event of abandonment.

Edition: May 2017

In this edition, Me Jean-Olivier Reed explain to the Régie du logement confirms the right to take pictures.

Edition: April 2017

In this edition, Me Robert Soucy explain the tenant sues the landlord for damages with interest and punitive damages with interest as a result of eviction in bad faith by the landlord.

Edition: March 2017

This month, Me Jean-Olivier Reed explain the non-renewal of the lease for sublett ing for more than 12 months.

Edition: February 2017

In this édition, M. Messier talk to you to Smoke in the dwellings. Smoke from cigarettes or from smoking marijuana is often badly perceived in a building. The odours from the fumes can indeed cause inconvenience to your other tenants.

Edition: January 2017

In this edition, Mr. Lapointe explains how you could be responsible for an electricity bill to be paid by the former owner and this, quite legally.

Edition: December 2016

This month, Me Lapointe explains why we ask for identification when renting a home.

Edition: November 2016

This month, Me Lapointe presents you with the financial consequences of pipe jitter and Mr. Reed of the rent reduction ordered by the Régie du logement.

Edition: October 2016

This month, Mr. Messier talking about the situation of caretakers while Reed explain the changes on the obligations of the lease when your tenants marry.