The obligations of the tenant  

If your landlord has an obligation, in particular, to provide a dwelling to you in good habitable condition and offer you the peaceful enjoyment of the premises, as a tenant you have also obligations to your landlord and to the other tenants of the building.

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September-26-14 9:37:00 AM

Safety first  

Smoke detectors are the first capable to warn of danger, so they can save lives.

According to the regulations, owners of apartment buildings must install a smoke detector in each unit, as well as in the hallways and the stairwells. Smoke alarms conforming to the standard must be installed, sometimes depending on the year of construction of the building.

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September-26-14 9:35:00 AM

Making up one’s first budget 

Whether it be for school, for work or to gain one’s independence, this little guide will help you start your life in a responsible way.

To begin, make a budget. It is a must. What are your sources of income? Employment, loans and scholarships, parenting help?
Then you have to list your expenses. Everyone has their own definition of expenditure but, in general, for a balanced budget, you should allocate 20-30% of your budget for accommodation.
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September-26-14 9:33:00 AM

Unpack the boxes  

That’s it! You’ve finally reached your new home. You find yourself in front of a mountain of boxes. You are wondering where to start.

The phase of unwrapping can be enjoyable provided you make it a fun adventure with other family members. One must focus on one room at a time and always keep in mind that one does not have to unpack everything in one day.

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September-02-14 9:31:00 AM
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