COVID-19 Rental property owners should be patient and prudent

Montreal, 17 March 2020 ---- The Quebec Landlords Association (APQ) wishes to highlight its support for the rental property owners

The Régie du logement will be closed until March 23, 2020 inclusive.

Except for a case that is considered urgent the hearings held before the Régie du logement have all been cancelled. You can now check the status of your file on the Régie du logement's website. If you have a request to submit, you can do it online however.

Housing visits

The visit to the rental dwelling takes on a particularly difficult aspect these days. We recommend a virtual visit of the premises, sometimes directly with the help of a video filmed by your tenant or by a member of your team designated by you.

If you decide to visit the apartment in person and everyone agrees to do so, you must take distance precautions. Neither you nor the visitors should touch anything. You should not open any doors and cupboards. Your tenant should be the only one present with you and there should be a distance of at least 1 to 2 metres between each of the individuals present. We recommend that you do not visit a dwelling at all, as much as that is possible, but that you rather use technological means to do so.

Payment of rent

We recommend that you consider the possibilities of wired transfers of money or that you receive payments by cheque and traditional mail as much as possible. You should explain to your tenant that both of you must avoid cash payments and the close contacts that a visit to the apartment would constitute.

Concierges and building managers

We recommend that you advise your building caretakers and residents to respect the minimum distance to be kept, announced by the Government, which is 1 to 2 metres. We recommend that you increase the frequency of cleaning door handles, stairway ramps and elevator panels. Your tenants should wear gloves and avoid common areas.

Gyms, swimming pools and common rooms

Many rental property owners have chosen to close the gyms, swimming pools and common rooms, and we support this decision. In principle, you cannot legally limit access to these services and such a decision would normally entail the possibility of a reduction in rent. Under the current circumstances however, we would be very surprised if such a decision were to be made.

The APQ always remains present to help you.

We have closed visitor access to our offices and the vast majority of our team members work from home now, to maintain the quality and continuity of our services.

Do not hesitate to contact us whenever need be.


17 March 2020
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