Good owner seeks Good tenant

The owners have asked us to find a solution to bridge this duality between landlords and tenants.

The owners wanted to highlight their desire to serve their customers well in order to demonstrate the unity of interests of all: a good landlord wants a good tenant, but the reverse is also true.

This analysis allowed the newspaper Le Propriétaire to take a new direction by adding the section “Welcome to Quebec” which aims to be both a guide for tenants and a tool to find housing.

We recommend that owners do checks on the candidate before renting an apartment. It is indeed necessary, to ensure ourselves that we rent our property to a person who meets his obligations.

It was only obvious therefore to offer tenants access to checks before renting a housing on the property and the services rendered, hence the new Verified Housing Service of the APQ.

Depending on the selected verification, we can carry out checks on the files related to the building both before the Régie du logement, the city, the fire department and the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec and also know the satisfaction of a sample of tenants in the building.

Following this verification, the property could be assigned the following symbol meaning that the entire file makes it a recommendable building. The number accompanying the logo will allow to validate that it concerns an updated verification on our website

Good tenant and Good landlord, we wish you harmony!