In the APQ's View, the State Must Refrain From Intervening in Private Contractual Matters

The APQ is of the view that an amendment to the the Québec Civil Code forbidding landlords from collecting double the rent when an elderly person is obliged to concel their lease when they are admitted permanently to a residential and long term care centre or to a foster home, only serves to clarify existing situation.

"Landlords are already subject to this rule. Once an elderly tenant sends a notice of cancellation for these reasons their liability is limited to three months' rent. If the dwelling is re-let before the three months have passed the landlord cannot collect double payments" states the APQ's President, Martin Messier.

The APQ wishes to point out that a lease is a contract between two parties and, while the proposed amendment won't change the situation as it stands, it constitutes an inopportune intervention in a private contractual matter. The APQ is asking the government to limit its interventions and to respect the parties' freedom to contract.

Founded in 1984, the Québec Landlords Association (APQ) is the largest association of its kind serving landlords of residential dwellings throughout all regions of Québec.


03 June 2011
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