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The APQ publishes a monthly newspaper, called Le Propriétaire, which provides relevant information to owners, in addition to offering, on a regular basis, rebates with partners on products and services.

Wether it be forour legal articles or our revendications, the Le Propriétaire newspaper is the reference in real-estate.


Edition: April 2022

In this edition, the APQ addresses the assignment of leases with two articles : Assignment of lease or how to circumvent the law? And EASE ASSIGNMENT Reasons of income-based refusal Updated with recent jurisprudence

Edition: March 2022

In this edition, Me Jean-Olivier Reed talks about Cryptocurrency farming in a rental housing. Overconsumption of electricity, high electricity bill and fire risk : Do not hesitate to visit your rental dwellings!

Edition: February 2022

This month, Me Annie Lapointe talks about choosing your tenant: how do you do it? To what extent can we refuse a candidate for rental housing?

Edition: December 2021

This month, it's all about Notice of modifcation of the conditions of the lease : Beware of errors that can be very costly!

Edition: November 2021

This month, we discuss subletting and the reasons for refusal in the context of a sublet, unpaid rents as well as the estimated 2022 increase rates.

Edition: October 2021

In this edition, we discuss the subject of housing repossession and the essential criteria for it. Also it will be question of the rental without lease and the income of the tenant.

Edition: September 2021

This month, several topics discussed: the roof is leaking, the repossession of housing you are entitled to it, the visit of the premises by the Tribunal and the Supreme Court establishes that the house must be for every Canadian his ultimate refuge.

Edition: August 2021

This month, in a recent case heard by the Tribunal Administratif du logement (1) the TAL had to rule on the existence of a lease for the dwelling and on the issue of damages claimed by the tenant and the reimbursement of one month's rent deposit, which had been paid in the amount of $580, at the time the lease was signed.

Edition: July 2021

In this edition, Me Jean-Olivier Reed explains the concept of serious prejudice: What is serious prejudice? Not all lease violations justify terminating the lease. -Analysis in the context of frequent delay in the payment of rent.

Edition: June 2021

This month, Me Annie Lapointe talks about Eviction and ignorance of the law. It can be costly. We cannot limit ourselves to taking the tenant's property out of the dwelling simply because the lease is “terminated.” Such a practice is tantamount to taking the law into one's own hands and may constitute an infringement of the tenant's rights and lead to an order to pay damages.