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The APQ publishes a monthly newspaper, called Le Propriétaire, which provides relevant information to owners, in addition to offering, on a regular basis, rebates with partners on products and services.

Wether it be forour legal articles or our revendications, the Le Propriétaire newspaper is the reference in real-estate.


Edition: December 2017

In this edition, you will find Jean-Olivier Reed's article on the meaning of a notice of modification to the lease transmitted by a bailiff.

Edition: November 2017

This month, Me Jean-Olivier Reed speak to you about the harassment. When does a person harass another person under a housing lease? This is not so obvious actually, because it is a rather vague concept that requires a lot of nuance and generally also significant proof.

Edition: October 2017

This month, Mr. Robert Soucy, lawyer at the APQ, explains why you always have to write agreements with your tenants. Let us therefore never forget the maxim: Words fly away, but writings remain.

Edition: September 2017

In this edition Me Annie Lapointe explain that the end of life does not put an end to the lease. The lease contract is one of those to which death does not put an end. Indeed, the law clearly provides that the death of one of the parties does not lead to the termination of the lease.

Edition: August 2017

This month, Me Jean-Olivier Reed explain the fault in the context of a disaster and that the landlords do not always have to pay for damage caused by their tenants.

Edition: July 2017

In this edition, we are talking about the cold blood that we must all have, despite the temptation of social media.

Edition: June 2017

In this edition, Annie Lapointe explains to you how to minimize the damage in the event of abandonment.

Edition: May 2017

In this edition, Me Jean-Olivier Reed explain to the Régie du logement confirms the right to take pictures.

Edition: April 2017

In this edition, Me Robert Soucy explain the tenant sues the landlord for damages with interest and punitive damages with interest as a result of eviction in bad faith by the landlord.

Edition: March 2017

This month, Me Jean-Olivier Reed explain the non-renewal of the lease for sublett ing for more than 12 months.