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Information Capsules

 In need of a few examples of what you can request but not require? The social insurance number, post dated checks.

Did you know that for a case brought about the noise made by a tenant, you could wait more than one year before receiving a hearing date! (In order to avoid such delays, it is useful to procede with a 360 rating)

The solidarity clause,  « Tenants will be severally responsible of all obligations related to the lease »: what is it? How to use it? This clause must be written in the lease the moment more than one tenant is a signatory. It will then allow you to require from only of the two tenants the rent, which means that each tenant commits to pay the part of the other in the case of non-payment.

I filed a case at the Régie du logement for a fixing of the rent and I need to fill out the form called « Necessary Information ». How do I have to fill it out? This form needs to represent all your expenses of the year. These expenses will allow establishing the increase granted by the Régie du logement.

If you want to repossess a dwelling for yourself, your children or your parents, you need to respect the deadline to send the compulsory notice to your tenant. For a lease of more than one year, the notice must be sent at least 6 months before the date of expiry of the lease.