Québec Bill 67 regarding tourist lodging: Good news for residential landlords

Québec Bill 67 regarding tourist lodging: Good news for residential landlords

Montréal, October 22nd, 2015 --- The Québec Landlords' Association (APQ) is pleased with the direction taken by Québec Bill 67, Loi visant principalement à améliorer l'encadrement de l'hébergement touristique.

The APQ considers that this draft bill should also provide for the landlord's approval as part of the certification process, as well as being validated by municipal authorities.

According to this draft legislation, anyone who wishes to offer lodging to tourists, must obtain a classification certificate from Québec Ministry of Tourism. A Ministry inspector will be required to visit the premises as part of the request process. However, the lodging offered may be located in a residential rental building, and landlords should be able to have their say in the process.

The Québec Landlords' Association (APQ) is asking the government to make obtaining the landlord's permission a requirement in the process to obtain a classification certificate. By checking this aspect, the inspector will also be able to ensure that this activity is permitted by the landlord.

"We at the Québec Landlords' Association (APQ), are convinced that all forms of sub-letting may only be done with the prior authorization of the landlord before it takes place. If the sub-let is deemed to be illegal, then the landlord must be able to apply to the Québec Rental Board to have the lease cancelled.'', stated APQ President, Martin Messier.

22 October 2015
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