Quebec Rental Board: The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) Deplores That Thirty Year-Old Methods are Still in Use

The Quebec Landlords Association (APQ) notes once more that the figures announced this morning by the Québec Rental Board do not reflect the reality of the Québec rental housing market.

"The methods adopted in 1981 no longer allow landlords to maintain their residences in good condition. With only 3% of increase granted for major works, how can an landlord incur the expenses of "major" work when the costs of construction have exploded and the QST increased by 2% in two years!" says Martin Messier, president of the APQ.

According to the calculation guidelines, it is the average interest rate offered on five-year Guaranteed Investment Certificates, plus a premium of 1%, which determines this rate of 3%. But this obsolete rule is endangering the proper maintenance of Québec's residential rental properties.

The APQ will hold a press conference at 11:15 am web at the following address:

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A discussion platform

The APQ wishes to remind everyone that these announced rates are "a basis for discussion with a view to to reaching an agreement on an increase in rent" and that each landlord must use the calculation form to know the increase which varies according to each building.

If the tenant believes that the proposed increase is excessive, the door is open to contact the landlord to discuss this matter. If no agreement is reached, the tenant has the right to refuse the proposed increase. The landlord will then be required to open a file at the Rental Board and the latter will calculate the increase.

The APQ invites landlords of rental dwellings in Quebec to make their rent increases for the year 2012, by first checking the market situation of their sector. The APQ also believes that an increase of between 2 and 4% on average would not be excessive, according to each particular situation.

The APQ makes it a point of warning landlords to carefully check for increases in their municipal tax accounts.

"Indeed, according to the calculation form issued each year by the Rental Board, landlords must make the actual calculation and this calculation includes the difference between their property tax bill from the previous year and the one for the current year," adds Mr. Messier.

New file: a very useful support

"We wanted that the entire calculation process and the mailing of the lease modification notices to be as simple as possible. The user of this file will be able to enter his/her own data to calculate the required adjustment. Then the notice of modification will be completed automatically, as well as the tenant's response form. All there is left to do is to print everything and send it to the tenant, " says Martin Messier, president of the APQ.

To obtain this file for free, you can call the Québec Landlords Association at 1-888-382-9670, or visit the its website at The landlords will be able to download the file on his computer and save their data in the process.

"Moreover, while entering your data on the conditions of your lease (expiry, duration…), you will immediately know the time limit for sending your notice," adds Mr. Messier.

Founded in 1984, the Quebec Landlords Association (APQ) is the most important association of its kind offering serving residential landlords throughout all regions of Quebec. It also offers a tenant evaluation service unique in Quebec.

20 January 2012
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