Quick Eviction

Éviction rapide 888-382-9670Your tenant does not pay the rent. And you do not have the time to go to the Rental Board. You wait, one month, two months longer, before finally going to the Régie du logement to submit a request for termination of the lease because of the delay in the payment of the rent.

To meet this need, you can, from now on, complete the electronic form of the request so that we can introduce the request for you before the Tribunal administratif du logement (anciennement Régie du logement).

Upon receipt of your request a lawyer will call you to confirm your instructions. The request will be submitted to the Tribunal administratif du logement (anciennement Régie du logement) on the next business day. This request will be delivered by registered mail to your tenant or by bailiff according to your instructions. A digitized version of the request and information about the delivery will be available digitally.

This service will therefore allow you to act quickly by avoiding travel and waiting times.

The price varies depending on your membership of the APQ :

Membership Gold : 200,00$*

Membership Silver : 250,00$*

Membership Bronze : 400,00$*

Access the service Quick Eviction


*plus taxes, plus fees, i.e. the fees of the Rental Board and the delivery service costs.