Reduced delays at the Régie du logement: the APQ notes that the Government wants to act!

Reduced delays at the Régie du logement: the APQnotes that the Government wants to act!

Montreal, October 10, 2014---The Association ofQuebec Landlords(APQ), which attendedthe press conferenceofMr.PierreMoreau, Minister of Municipal AffairsandLand Occupancyand Ministerresponsible for the Régie du logement, ispleased to note thatthe Governmentrealizesthat we must act as of now.

The latest annualreportsof the Régie du logement and the Ombudswoman showed noimprovement.And the APQ found thatthe Régiehad not receivedany help oradditionalresources allowing it tocope withtheemergency.

Among the new measuresmore casescould beheard byspecial clerks, inparticular wherethe defendant doesnot show up.

Also, the Régie’s directors from Longueuil andLavalwill from now on be ableto travel to Montreal to hearcontested cases. These measures aim toreducecontested cases.

“We will then see
what realimpactthese new measures will have onwaiting timesatthe Régie du logement,”says MartinMessier,president of the APQ.

The APQ has also been askingfor several years that decisions would bemade​​without a hearing,in the absence ofdefensefiledby the other partywithin a specified time, as it is currently donebefore the Courtof Quebec,small claims division,tofree up timefor the directors.

“Beyond the
additional resources required forthe Régie du logement it is an entire reform of ​​the rentallaw thatwe need!” explains MartinMessier.

Remember alsothat in Quebecit is illegal torequest anyform of depositandthis factor isimportant.This situation is likely tomakemany victimsamong smallowners whoultimately will be losingtheir building!In mostcases,the owner hasdone nothing wrongin a situation ofnon-payment of rent. He must deal withdisproportionate waste of timeand money.

The Association ofQuebec Landlordsrecalls that,according to the annualreport of theRégie du logement, theaverage waiting timesare:

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10 October 2014
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