Rental Board: The Ombudswoman recommends the claims of the APQ

Rental Board: The Ombudswoman recommends the claims of the APQ

MONTREAL, September 17, 2015 --- The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) read the report of the Ombudswoman for the year 2014-2015 and notes that the Ombudswoman is dissatisfied with the delays at the Régie du logement, a problem that re-appears, unfortunately, every year in her report.

The Régie du logement would have received 180 complaints in 2014-2015. The ombudswoman, in her report, indicates her dissatisfaction with the time delay given to her recommendations because the problem concerning waiting times at a hearing before the Régie persists.

The Ombudswoman recommends that “The legal framework of the Régie du logement should be amended for cases related to non-payment of rent in order to introduce a different procedure for releasing the availability of directors in this matter and to hearing all of the requests within a reasonable time.”

“It has now been several years that the APQ recommends the calling into service of special clerks and expanding their powers to cases involving non-payment of rent, as is currently the situation in the cases for setting of the rent and this, in order to free up time for judges so that all cases are heard in a reasonable period of time,” according to the APQ.

The lack of resources is undeniable and would require the appointment of new administrative judges and special clerks.

Currently, waiting two years for a case of excessive noise, uncleanliness or the presence of animals causing serious damage is part of normality for rental housing owners. This is unacceptable, given the nature of the cases that are brought before the Régie du logement, i.e. cases that affect people’s immediate life environments. The owners have the obligation to provide peaceable enjoyment of the premises to their tenants, but these waiting times are such that tenants and/or owners suffer more and make the situation unbearable.

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17 September 2015
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