Rental period: When will there be a security deposit?

Rental period: When will there be a security deposit?

Montreal, April 8, 2015 --- The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) would like to caution the owners of Quebec rental housing that without a monetary protection, as in all other provinces and other countries, the only way to protect oneself against a ransacking tenant is to do a complete pre-rental survey.

“Unfortunately the Government does not yet intend this year to allow owners to protect their investment by legislating a security deposit! Every year we see horror cases, abandoned animals, ransacked dwellings, and are the guilty punished?” says Martin Messier, President of the APQ.

It is sad to see how inconsiderate tenants or ones without respect make life impossible for the owners. The owners are facing financial problems with tenants and their appeals are virtually impossible. After several months without payment of rent, initiated legal proceedings and ransacked housing, tenants are finally forced to move out!

Yet, it would be so easy to allow the owner to take a security deposit or a progressive deposit of guarantee which is paid monthly. For instance, instead of paying $700 in rent every month, the amount would be $750. The surplus would be given back to the tenant at the end of the lease.

And there would be no administrative burden, in addition, by following the model in Texas: a fee schedule for each possible damage and a committee composed of representatives of tenants and owners to claim in case of conflict.

But, while waiting for the Government to act on this issue, owners can only rely on a full investigation and verification of the identity of potential tenants.
Identity verification will allow to keep fraudsters at bay and a complete pre-rental survey (Employment, Régie du logement, civil & criminal courts, owner’s authentification ...) will be your best ally in making your decision.

“Knowing who lives in your housing and what his/her habits are have become the norm. A credit check alone is not enough to protect one’s investment! Especially because only the tenant may terminate the lease, the landlord must apply to the Régie du logement and some cases take more than 2 years to be heard!” concludes Mr. Messier.

The Association of Quebec Landlords provides investigation services and legal support.

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09 April 2015
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