Response to the RCLALQ: The Rental Form, Essential for Both Tenants and Owners

The Quebec Landlords' Association (APQ) disagrees with the RCLALQ claiming "a legal framework for housing search and a ban on rental forms."

The APQ takes it at heart to remind the RCLALQ that the rental form and the tenant assessment also protect the tenants. A tenant who wishes to live in peace in his dwelling, pay his housing and to be satisfied with the services of his owner, wants to prove that he is a good tenant and, especially, he wants his neighbors also to be good neighbors!

"It is by checking the antecedents of behavior that the owner will ensure the peaceful enjoyment of the premises," says Martin Messier, President of the APQ, who reminds us that the owners have a duty to ensure that the other tenants of a building have peaceful enjoyment of the premises.

"The owners must already live with an obsolete method of setting of the rent that offers no possibility for major works. Should they moreover take a chance without possibility to check and run the risk of not being able to pay their mortgage, their taxes or having the duty to initiate procedures at the Régie du logement for a noisy tenant whose case will be heard more than a year later?", adds the APQ.

The APQ stresses the fact that the qualification of the tenant is essential: The owner must also fill out forms when he contracts an obligation. We do not sell toasters! We must ensure that we rent to people who meet their financial obligations as well as the other obligations under the lease, such as not to disturb the peace in the building.

Founded in 1984, the Quebec Landlords' Association (APQ) is the most important association providing services to owners of rental housing while being present in all regions of Quebec.


21 March 2013
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