Are you enjoying all of the APQ discounts?

Warm up your savings !!! 

You heat with oil ?Are you enjoying all of the APQ discounts?


A) Discounts granted to members of the APQ according to your area and your consumption. Our partner Joseph Elie will help you save.

B)Even more for you ThermStopper PLUS ® , this new technology for Canada works almost like an electronic thermostat but with your hot water heating system and avoids peak energy demands .

You can save annually from 10 to 20% in money and what about the energy saved for our planet! They assure 200 % of the risk : For example, if the controller rents for $ 95 per month and you must do $ 190 in energy saving per month , but that isn't the case, the company will send you a check of$ 190

( Option to rent or purchase)

Contact one of our APQ representatives for more information at 888-382-9670 or